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                              Welcome: AiYue powder Coatings
                              Language: Chinese ∷  English

                              GI Coatings

                              • Elevator powder coating
                              • Elevator powder coating
                              Elevator powder coatingElevator powder coating

                              Elevator powder coating

                              Elevator powder coating

                              Product description: elevator special powder coating, for elevator decorative parts and special design of external consonant series products.
                              Coating characteristics:-Excellent flattening

                              -high mechanical properties

                              -good salt spray resistance

                              Use pathSuitable for elevator door and other parts

                              Application parameter
                              curing time 180~200℃×10--15min
                              Spraying modeHigh voltage electrostatic spraying 60-80 KV
                              Recommended film thickness60—150 um
                              Film properties


                              test parameter


                              criterion for judgement

                              (test Result)

                              testing standard

                              test method


                              Cutters, tape (cross-hatch test)

                              Grade 0

                              GB/T 9286

                              impact resistance

                              Impact meter

                              ≥ 50 kg.cm

                              GB/T 1732

                              Coating hardness

                              Pencil hardness

                              hardness-testing device

                              Pencil hardness tester


                              GB/T 6739

                              solvent resistance

                              Anhydrous ethanol, rag

                              After 20 wipes, there are no scars and decolorization



                              resistance to alkali

                              alkali resistance

                              0.1N  NaOH, beaker

                              ≥ 48h, coating without foaming blistering, falling off Flaking, rusting, speckle

                              GB/T 9274

                              resistance to water

                              Beaker, distilled water

                              240h, coating without foaming blistering, falling off Flaking rusting, speckle??


                              acid fastness

                              acid resistance

                              0.1N sulfuric acid, beaker

                              ≥ 48h, coating without foaming blistering, falling off, rusting, speckle ??


                              Neutral salt spray test

                              (salt spray (fog))

                              Salt spray test box

                              ≥ 240h, rusty foaming

                              Rusting blistering < 2MM



                              Bending tester

                              Crack free shedding of 2mm around axis


                              Artificial aging resistance

                              ageing oven

                              ≥ 480h, loss of light(loss of gross) < 1, discoloration < 1, others 0

                              Method 1 in GB/T 1865

                              All the above tests used 0.8mm to remove oil and rust, the thickness of the film was 40 ~ 80um, and the performance index of the film would vary slightly with the gloss.

                              Environmental protection requirements: this product does not contain arsenic, selenium, lead, hexavalent chromium, mercury, antimony, cadmium and other heavy metals, and fully comply with RoHS environmental requirements.

                              explainadditional information We will provide a complete solution for powder coating consultation and application according to the actual needs of each customer. All the test indicators mentioned in this report are for reference only for laboratory tests. The results are not a performance commitment for the application of the product. The results vary with environmental factors and other conditions.

                              For more information about our products , please click the MSDS for the corresponding product