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                              Welcome: AiYue powder Coatings
                              Language: Chinese ∷  English

                              GI Coatings

                              • Pure epoxy type powder coating series
                              • Pure epoxy type powder coating series
                              • Pure epoxy type powder coating series
                              Pure epoxy type powder coating seriesPure epoxy type powder coating seriesPure epoxy type powder coating series

                              Pure epoxy type powder coating series

                              Pure epoxy type powder coating series

                              Brief introduction: Epoxy resin and amine curing agent are adopted as main raw material.

                              Characteristics: ---Excellent adhesive force, impact resistance and surface hardness, flexibility, adhesive force and other mechanical performance

                              ---High luster, good flow leveling and good apparent result of coating film

                              ---Excellent chemicals resistance and corrosion prevention performance

                              ---Good electric insulation

                              Usage: ---Corrosion prevention and chemicals resistance product: oil pipeline, water pipe, valve, agricultural equipment and automotive parts etc

                              --- Electric insulation product: mechanical & electrical equipment, shell of instrument and motor rotor etc;

                              ---Furniture, goods shelves, office products, security door, safe case and health and fitness facilities etc.

                              Product series:

                              --- Can be made into product with each brilliance and color; specific color and brilliance should be designated by users

                              --- Can be made into each texture product such as ripple, mallear atria, cotton like grain, crack , metal-effect and other many product with art texture.

                              Application parameter:

                              Curing condition:          200×10—15 mins/(Actual temperature of working piece)

                              Spraying mode:           High voltage electrostatic spraying    60-80 KV

                              Suggested film thickness:   60—80 um

                              Mechanical performance:




                              Testing method

                              Pencil hardness

                              Pencil hardness instrument

                              ≥ H


                              Impact resistance

                              Impact tester

                              ≥ 50 kg.cm

                              GB/T 1732

                              Flexing endurance

                              Bending instrument

                              ≤ 2mm

                              GB/T 6742

                              Adhesive force

                              Cross-Cut tester

                              0 grade

                              GB/T 9286


                              Bulge instrument

                              ≥ 6 mm


                              Chemical property:

                              Fog-corrosion retardancy

                              ≥ 500 Hs

                              ≥ 9 grade

                              GB/T 1771

                              Resistance to heat and humidity

                              ≥ 1000 Hs

                              Slight loss of gloss

                              GB/T 1740

                              Above tests adopt 0.8mm deoiling and derusting cold-rolled steel sheets, coating film thickness 4080um; performance index of coating film will change with brilliance changing.

                              Requirement of environment protection: the product doesn’t include arsenium, selenium, lead, hexavalent chromium, mercury, stibonium, cadmium and other heavy non-ferrous metals and is in fully conformity with requirement of RoHS environment protection.

                              Storage condition: at about 25 and at ventilated indoors, avoiding direct sunlight. Under such condition, powder can be stored for twelve months and should be re-tested if more than twelve months and can be still used if the result is in conformity with requirements.

                              Note: each test index mentioned in the report is data tested from lab and should only be used for reference and cannot be used as performance commitment of product application. The result will change with environment factors and other conditions changing.

                              Click MSDS of corresponding products for more information of our products